Tuesday, 16 September 2008

To back up Blog


Laika ngau ni hpe Ta Tut (http://tatut.talkmeblog.com/) hta shang hti na matu tsaw lajin dat ai. Ndai blog a Admin wa a E-mail Account hpe heck katut ai majaw hpang de n dai blog hta laika ngau ni hpe mara na matu loi li yak hkak mat sana re majaw ya na zawn n dau dat ai re lam shana dat ai.

Admin's E-mail Account have been heck and the passwords for this blog has been change. If you still want to read articles from Ta Tut, the main writer of this blog, please visit our back up blog Ta Tut (http://tatut.talkmeblog.com/). Visit (http://shanglawt.blogspot.com/) for the update news. Thank you very much for you visiting.

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